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NetRoute Offers Origination, Termination , PBX Services and much more...

Toll Free

Help your end users better market their businesses and attract global customers through their own Toll Free numbers. As a full-service provider of wholesale telecommunication services, NetRoute offers Toll Free services that can originate throughout North America, allowing your end users to market and attract business opportunities without limitations. Toll Free services can be added onto an existing NetRoute DID or IP; the choice is yours. NetRoute's Toll Free service also comes with several optional feature sets that can be customized to your clients' calling and marketing requirements.

A-Z Termination

The quality of your long distance service can make or break your business. That's why NetRoute offers VoIP long distance termination only through trusted tier-1 carriers. You won't have to worry about reliability – plus, you'll enjoy our competitive rates on Canada, US and international long distance termination.


Through our extensive Canadian backbone network, NetRoute can provide you with DID’s in over 1,200 Canadian rate centers from Victoria to Newfoundland, throughout the United States, as well as several destinations overseas. NetRoute ensures number availability wherever needed.

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