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The future of Telecommunications is here

Are you an IT services supplier or reseller? Well with over 158 million subscribers worldwide, VoIP is the future of telecommunications and has the potential to be a key offering for your business. Becoming a NetRoute Partner means you can delight your customers with a smart, more flexible phone system while you increase your engagement with your current client base.


Do you know of other businesses that want to move to a VoIP solution? Why not get rewarded for it too!LOVE NETROUTE?

  • If you’re enjoying the NetRoute experience and know of other businesses who want to make the move to VoIP, who need to save money or who are having issues that their current provider can’t fix, let us know and we’ll help them out.
  • If they go ahead and sign up as a customer, we’ll show you our appreciation with a gift voucher.
  • Just go here and let us know who to contact.


Don’t miss out as businesses outsource their phone systems to the cloudWhat's in it for you?

  • As a Reseller, you are able to offer NetRoute's cloud PBX services to your customers as ready-made platform - without the need to develop your own system or support infrastructure. We take care of all that for you.
  • NetRoute offers channel partners a carrier agnostic service and a massively scalable platform with proven service levels and support.

A NetRoute reseller can

  • Earn a new recurring revenue stream, without having to sign up to expensive and onerous contracts, or commit to buying stock.
  • Upskill to provide first-level support.
  • Bill for ancillary services such as network upgrades and hardware.
  • Have confidence in working with Canada and the United State's best-supported cloud PBX service.
  • Channel partners are only required to complete a web-based sales and technical training course which costs $400. We also provide marketing support and sales resources when required.
  • To register for the training, email


As a Wholesaler, you are able to market our cloud PBX service under your own branding. The future of Telecommunications

  • The business market is rapidly moving to VOIP services, aided by the roll-out of affordable and reliable high-speed internet connections.
  • A cloud PBX solution responds to both trends, enabling businesses of any size to exploit the cost savings of VoIP with the flexibility, low risk and minimal investment of a cloud-delivered service.
  • This connectivity has also accelerated outsourcing of more business functions to cloud providers, particularly SAAS.
  • Businesses are also striving to simplify administration and support costs further by minimizing the number of suppliers they work with.
  • This makes cloud PBX an easy upsell for IT and communications businesses, giving them additional recurring revenue and opportunities to add PBX services to existing customers, and existing services to new PBX customers.
  • Further revenue opportunities exist in selling hardware and support time.
  • Keep it simple
  • Chances are implementing, managing, maintaining, supporting and developing a cloud phone service isn’t your core business.
  • Many businesses underestimate the resources required to provide such a fundamental business function to their customers, and find that they put their brand at considerable risk as a result.
  • Rapid scalability tends to be another major issue.
  • Fortunately, you can just re-brand NetRoute’s cloud PBX platform and let the specialists worry about keeping it going.
  • With over 20 years experience in developing, running, and supporting cloud PBX platforms.
  • We don’t just leave you with a standardized platform, developed and supported on the other side of the world.
  • We provide an advanced, differentiated service in your back yard, with minimal capital outlay and no maintenance or training overhead.
  • With equipment in reliable data centres around Canada, United States and India.

Our Solution 

  • NetRoute’s core business is developing and running cloud communications services, including PBX. And because we built it, we can provide support without having to rely on third parties for help.
  • We can also adapt our system to meet your and your customers’ requirements, however complicated you've been told they are.
  • We make it easy to provide first-level support by providing device- and call-level SIP packet capture that you can analyse to help diagnose any issues your customers may be having.
  • Our platform is quick and easy to scale, and you can add and remove users independently, as well as having control over your customer’s cloud PBX environment.
  • We offer a comprehensive suite of advanced call control features, as well as conference calling and call recording. The platform can even be controlled by API’s.
  • You can use our SIP trunks and numbers, or you can use your own if you have preferred suppliers and existing billing services in place, since our service is carrier-agnostic. 

NR Cloud PBX

  • Proven service​
  • Best support in the business
  • Carrier agnostic
  • Scalable platform
  • Intelligent communications routing
  • Controllable by API
  • Device - and call-level SIP packet capture

That means more income for you

  • So instead of trying to estimate the long-term development and running costs of setting up and running your own cloud PBX service and needing a billing model that might not fit the market, you can pay a minimal setup charge and a small monthly per-user fee to give your customers a reliable VOIP phone system at a predictable variable cost to your business.
  • You can also bill your customers for numbers, SIP trunks and calling costs for a consistent monthly revenue stream.
  • And the more services you provide your customers, the stickier they become. Not only that, providing telecoms services can also help improve your cash flow with the additional leverage you have by providing critical services like voice.

Services include:

  • Simple per-user charge
  • Volume discounts
  • SIP trunk and calling charges
  • Additional billable services (setup, hardware) 
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